Elisabetha Rima

by Steve Rima

All the records I have on this child seem to disagree on a date of birth and death for her.  Some indicate that she may have been born in the 1760s and others indicate as late as the 1780s. One record claims that she died young while I believe that she lived will into her 70s.

She was probably born about 1776 at New Petersburg, Tryon County, New York. I know she was born in America as her children claim their mother was born in New York. There was not much room to be born in the 1760s since they arrived here in the US and unless she was  twin the only time possible was about 1776.

She married a Revolutionary War Veteran, probably twenty years her senior which her grandchildren all claimed to be true. His name was Jacob Lentz and he was already a widower with five children. His wife, Catherine Bender Lentz died in 1793. Jacob Lentz and Elisabetha Rima were married at the Reformed Dutch Church at German Flatts, New York on 22 July 1794.

They lived in Schuyler and Frankfort all their married lives. He was listed in 1840 census with his son as blind and insane, aged 90 years. (He was actually 86.) I would assume that he was quite elderly and had lost most of his faculties of life. Their children, grandchildren and so on all lived at Frankfort, New York. I don't know where they are buried. He died in 1841 aged 87 years. His widow died sometime before 1850. They are probably buried at the old Oyer Burial grounds on the bank of the Mohawk River in East Schuyler. Jacob and Elizabeth had at least 73 grand children no including any from his first marriage.