Johann Christian Rima

by Steve Rima

Johann Christian Rima was born on August 14, 1767 at New Petersburg, Tryon County (now Herkimer Co.), New York. That is the first record of any Rima here in the US. His sister Margaret was born here one year earlier but no record remains.

Christian or Christopher as he sometimes was called spent his young adulthood in the meighborhood of his parents. In 1788 he married Margaretha Lentz, another daughter of John and Anna Lentz, neighbors at New Petersburg. He was only 21 years old which was a little unusual back in the 1700s for a man. They have only two children on record as being baptized so I have had to piece together the rest of the family. It is by no means complete yet.

After their children were born, Christian and Margaret removed from Herkimer to Rome, New York with his older brothers, Jacob and George. After they were both gone, Christian made another move, this time north to Jefferson County. I am not sure when his wife died, but Christian was living in 1850 at the age of 83 years. His son Peter said he was 90 years old and his daughter Eve claimed he was 91 years old. He is listed by one of his descendants as having died 21 July 1852 at or near Dexter, New York. There is no record of his burial there, but it is likely one of those illegible headstones. He would be 84 years old at the time of his death.

Christian and his children seem to be the main instigators of the name Remore and Reymore. Their children used this name and continue to today. I wish I knew whether they were right or wrong.