Johann Georg Rima

By Steve Rima

Johann Georg Rima was born in Germany about 1762 or 1763. George was too young to really serve in the Revolutionary War but the records do mention a George. He could not have been more than 16 years old and probably assisted the men in some way but I don't have any record of action he may have seen.

He lived with his parents up until the time of his marriage. He married Sarah Lentz, a daughter of his neighbors John and Anna Lentz. His brother and sister had already married Lentz children. His was the third of four Rima/Lentz marriages. They were married at St. Johnsville, New York in 1790.

About 1815 George moved his family from Herkimer area to Rome, New York. He remained here as a farmer until his death in the 1830s. He was probably in his late 60s or early 70s when he passed on. He left no will. His wife lived on for many years. She was still living at Rome, New York in 1860 at the age of 95 years. She was born in 1765 at German Flatts.