Johann Theobald Rima

By Steve Rima

Theobald is German for David. Some records list Theobald, others Deobald, others David. All are correct. David was born on the 12th of December 1770 at New Petersburg, Tryon Co., New York. He remained here until his marriage to Miss Margaretha Breittenbacher on March 3, 1795. Margaret was the daughter of Balthasar Briettenbacher who came here to America from Germany about the same time as John and Catherine Rima.

After his marriage it becomes difficultl to trace his path. His daughter's birth is listed in the church register in late November 1795 and after that he seem to have remained in town as he is listed on the 1800 census for Fairfield, Herkimer County living next door to his brother Christian. He is listed as having one son and two daughters.

The next thirty years are a mystery. He apparently moved to Pennsylvannia as his next children claim they were born in Penn. I am unable to locate him on the 1810 and 1820 census. He is listed in Erie County Pennsylvania by 1830. When I researched 1810 and 1820 in Erie County, I find nothing. By 1835 the family was living in Geauga County, Ohio near his yournger brother Frederick. By 1837 Frederick's family moved on to Illinois. David and his family remained in Ohio until 1842 when they moved just north of Frederick's family and settled at Green County, Wisconsin. I believe that David and Margaret passed on in Ohio before the family moved to Wisconsin.

There was an article written in a Newbury, Ohio newspaper in 1882 by an old resident of Fullertown. In it he mentions David and his brother Frederick. Of David he writes: "David Rima had a broad goodhumored Dutch face and was a very powerful man."

Family tradition claims that the family of David Rima lived at Knox County, Pennsylvannia. There is no such county now, nor has there ever been a Knox County in Pennsylvannia, New York, Wisconsin, or Ohio. The search continues!

All of David's children kept the name Rima.