Magdelana Rima

by Steve Rima

Magdelana Rima was born about 1786 probably at East Schuyler, New York.

The first real record we have of her existence is her sponsorship in the baptism of Frederick and Maria Rima's son Theobald (David) who was born in 1802 at Schuyler. The sponsors were Theobald Hiller (possibly cousin) and Magdelena Rima. Since most all of John Rima's children stood up as sponsors with their spouse to be just months before their marriages I assumed incorrectly that Magdelena may have married Mr. Hiller. Further research indicates that his wife's name was Catherine.

In order to be a sponsor, I guess that she would have to be an adult, or close. If she was a sponsor in 1802, she would have to be at least 16 to 18 years old. This would put heer date of birth in the mid 1780s or earlier which is exactly as we have it. She undoubtedly married Mr. Henry Lints (Lince) son of Jacob Lints by his first wife Catherine. The records for the German Flatts Reformed Church between 1795 and 1811 are missing and those of course are the years that would spell this whole thing out. I am sur that further research will find proof.

I will assume resonably that Henry and Magdelana were married about 1803 at or near Schuyler, New York. They apparently made a move to Rome, New York before 1810 with many other family and friends.

It appears that Lana may have died in the 1830s or the 1840s. Her husband died on February 7, 1859 aged 73 years. He was born March 29, 1785 at Schuyler, New York. He is buried at Lorena Rd. Cemetery, Rome, New York. There is a footstone at his grave that has "L.L." which may be Lana Lince, his wife.