Peter Rima

by Steve Rima

Peter Rima was the only of the sons of John and Catherine Rima to remain in Schuyler all his life. Some accounts say he stayed on his wife's family homestead in town.

Peter was born on April 18, 1772 at New Petersburg, Tryon County, New York. While a young boy his friends were captured by the Tories and Indians. The Indians told his friends to yell for Peter to come out of hiding. Instead they yelled in German "Peter, blieb wo du bist" which ment "Peter stay where you are!"

Peter married a neighbor girl named Catherine Hochstaeder, daughter of Christian Hochstaeder, on December 31, 1793. They remained in town all their lives. Peter was a farmer by occupation. She died in 1840 aged 64 years. He died February 13, 1844 at the age of 71 years.

Peter and his children all used the name Rema.