Anna Margaretha Frolich

Anna Margaretha Frolich, daughter of Peter and Anna Frolich, was baptized 9 Jan 1662, sponsored by Matthes Muller, Margaret Bohler and Margaret Baunders. She married Werner Spohn on Palm Sunday 1686 at Oberndorf Germany. Werner and Margaretha had four children: Johann Henrich, Johann Adam, Johann Valentin and Anna Margaretha. Werner died say around 1700 and his widow subsequently married Philip Mueller. These facts come from Henry Z. Jones Jr.'s "The Palatine Families of New York" and are not disputed. However, Jones suggests that Anna Margaretha and Philip Mueller came to New York with the Spohn children. I have a problem with this, so I offer my arguments here. I agree that two Philip Muellers did come to New York in 1710, the same time as the Spohn children. One of them was married to a woman named Anna Margaretha. Her maiden name was probably Frolich, but I don't think she was the one previously married to Werner Spohn.

1. A search of the worldconnect database for a Anna Margaretha Frolich who was married to Philip Mueller produces several hits on the same couple. In this case, they were probably born in Manweiler, Germany and died in New York. This Anna Margaretha was born in 1678 (not 1662), she was not the widow of Werner Spohn, and her father's name was not Peter. According to the above database this union produced a son, Johann David MULLER, who was a little older than Margaret Spohn. There's a good chance this Anna Margaretha Frolich and Philip Mueller were the ones on Gov. Hunter's Subsistence List.

2. The Palatine Subsistence List of 1711 shows the Spoon family of three with one under ten. That would be Henrich, Adam and Margaret. Why was a girl under 10 living with two unmarried brothers if her mother was living nearby?

3. Henrick's wedding record of 1711 identifies his step-father as a furrier. Jones identifies his Philip Mueller as a cooper (one who makes barrels and tubs). It was unusual to specify the occupation of a groom's father. It may have been done to distinguish him from Philip Mueller living nearby.

4. If Henrick's mother and step-father didn't come to New York, what happened to them? I can't be sure, but there was a Philip Muller with his wife and three children returned to Holland from London with the Roman Catholics in 1709. The family may have started out from Germany together and been separated in London with the Spohn children traveling to New York alone.