Peter Spoon of Amboy New York

Peter Spoon (1794 - 1884) was born in Columbia Township, Herkimer County, New York, the son of Henry and Margaret (Hiller) Spoon. Peter was awarded 50 acres of federal land for his service with the NY Militia in defense of Sackett's Harbor during the War of 1812. He was one of the first settlers in the Amboy area, establishing his farm in 1824, 6 years before the town of Amboy was formed.

Peter married Sally Hall (1802 - 1884) of Connecticut on Feb. 2, 1826. Their children were:

Spoon Home in Amboy

Here's a map of the Amboy area with the 1867 location of Spoon farms highlighted. The location marked 'P Spoon' is believed to be Peter Spoon's farm. 'W Spoon' was probably Warner (1909 - 1892). 'D Spoon' was probably one of Warner's sons, David (1837 -1902). David was listed a Merchant in the 1880 Census. There were two adjacent 'J Spoons' on the 1867 map. One was probably Joseph (1836 - ?) and the other was probably his father, John, who was born about 1804 and died before the 1880 Census. Joseph's mother, Betsy, was born abt. 1812 in Connecticut. Peter, Warner, John and Margaret are the children of Henry Spoon and Margaret Hiller.

Joshua and Eliza Spoon

Spoons of Amboy

Brothers Joshua Spoon and William Spoon, Ann Spoon, Siggie Spoon Griggs, Pearl Griggs, Dorothy Griggs, Estella Spoon, Lyda Spoon, Charlie Spoon, Frank Spoon, Kate Spoon Carrier, Leon's sister

Joshua's son, James Grant Spoon

Joshua's daughter, Jennie Maud (Spoon) Carrier

Maud's Bee Hives

Simon's daughter, Kate; and Joshua's daughter, Maud

Peter Spoon was the son of Henry Spoon (abt 1776 - 1855) and Margaret Hiller (abt 1774 - 1853) of Columbia Township, Herkimer County, New York. Since some popular web sites (such as Vicky Bagdriwicz's extensive pages ) choose to omit Peter from the list of Spoon/Hiller children, here's my argument for his inclusion:

Above photos courtesy of Jana (Spoon) Farley.

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