David Peter Spoon (1878 - 1952)

My grandfather, David Peter Spoon, was born in Albert Lea Minnesota. He was the son of Nathan H. Spoon (1829 - 1903), and Elizibeth Reymore (1835 - 1892), both born in NY. Nathan's father was Peter Spoon (1795 - 1884) of Amboy, Oswego, New York . Nathan's mother was Sally Hall (1802 - 1884) born in Connecticut. This page contains some information and photos of Dave and his family. Click here to see other photos of Nathan's descedents. Click here to see photos of the Larsons ( Tillie's maiden name).

Here are the siblings. Photo taken about 1900.

This is my oldest photo of Dave. He was 14 at the time, about 1892.

Albert Lea MN 1903

Mr. David Spoon and Miss Tillie Larson were united in marriage at the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Larson, River St., Wednesday evening at seven o'clock. Rev. White officiated and the relatives of both parties were present to witness the ceremony. Mr. Spoon is a fireman on the C. M. and St. P. Ry. and he left with his bride this morning for their home at Jackson, Minn.

This photo was taken in Albert Lea about 1908. From left to right are Dave, Hazel, Elsie and Tillie.

For a few years after their wedding, Dave and Tillie lived near Jackson or Albert Lea, MN. Their first two children, Hazel and Elsie, were born there. In 1911, Dave purchased 160 acres of land near Hobson, Montana from the federal government. Click here to see a map of the Hobson location. (Switch to the "Satellite" view and zoom out to get a better perspective.) After they moved to Hobson Edith was born January 12, 1912.

The photo below shows the Hobson homestead land in 2007. It is part of the Stevenson Ranch now.

This was their home in Hobson.

In 1920 and again in 1924 Dave registered a homestead near Winifred, Montana. Click here to see a map of the Winifred homestead. School records show the children attended the Hobson school from 1911 thru 1914, and the Winifred/Two-Calf schools from 1916 thru 1920.

The photo below shows the Winifred homestead land in 2007.

Here's Dave and Tillie's three daughters about 1920.

In Lewistown, Dave earned their living hauling things. The caption on this photo was 'Dave and friend with dray wagon'.

This was Dave and Tillie's last Lewistown home. It was purchased in 1941 and is at 314 W. Evelyn. Records show their previous homes in Lewistown were at 812 N. Daws (1925) and 313 W. Idaho (1930).

Sometimes I mowed the lawn and Tillie would give me $.05 to buy an ice cream bar. Then I'd always remind her that the price of ice cream bars had gone up to $.10. Occasionally I'd stay overnight...when I wanted to walk a special girl to school the next day. When I stayed overnight we'd play cards, but I wasn't supposed to tell my mother.

This is how I remember them. Dave specialized in hauling livestock around central Montana. He would let me drive his truck long before I was old enough to get a license.

Stuff happens. (I wasn't driving...honest.)

Lewistown Cemetery, Lot U-8, 2007