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German Flatts Reformed Church, 1723
By W. N. P. Dailey, D. D.
Published by the
St. Johnsville Enterprise and News
Lou D. MacWethy, editor
St. Johnsville, NY (Price 35 cents)

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Organized in 1723. Land given 1730 and 1773. Present edifice begun about 1730. A story of the Palatine people and their early struggles. Many names of first settlers. By Rev. W. N. P. Dailey, DD. Author of History of the Montgomery Classis, R.C.A.

Historic Events at Fort Herkimer

It was from German Flatts or Fort Herkimer that Col. Charles Clinton (father of Gov. George Clinton and grandfather of DeWitt Clinton) marched in the summer of 1758 to the capture of Fort Frontenac from the French. One of the first liberty poles in the valley, if not the first, was here. Sheriff White came all the way from Johnstown, accompanied by a body of militia and cut it down. In 1772 Gov. Tryon was here inspecting the troops. The Massachusetts military records state that Col. John Brown, who lost his life in the Battle of Stone Arabia, was here with a Connecticut military company from April, 1776, on for a year or more. Col. Willet assembled his troops here Feb. 7, 1783, for the capture of Fort Oswego from the British. In the following April Capt. Thomas set out from Fort Herkimer to carry to Fort Oswego, news of the treaty of peace. Preliminary articles had been signed Jan. 20, 1783, but Col. Willet did not know this. In 1783 Gen. Washington was at Fort Herkimer and, of course, was in the Old Stone church. In 1785 the Oneidas and Tuscororas met here and ceded to New York all the territory lying between the Chenango and Unadilla rivers.

Oldest Record

The oldest extant record concerning the German Flatts Reformed Protestant Dutch church, which is the corporate title, minus the names of the officers, is dated September 24, 1730. This original deed, lost for a great many years, was turned over to the Herkimer Church in June, 1922, after being photostated and copies placed with the fort Herkimer Church and another in the State Library at Albany, New York. Mr. Dailey, to whom the deed came, gives the following abstract of this deed:

Abstract of a Deed from Nicholas Wohllaben to eleven others and himself, for one acre and nine rods of land in Lot No. 30, on the south side of the Mohawk River at Burnetsfield. At the time the deed was drawn there was a school house on the land, which was also being used, undoubtedly, after the custom of the Palatiners, for worship

Indenture dated Sept. 24, 1730, from Nicholas Wolever to ffrederick Pellinger, Rodolf Steley, Johan Jost Herkemer, Thomas Schoonmaker, Rololph Coring, Johannis Hess, Hendrick Spoan, Michael Etick, Junr., Hendrick Orendorph, Nicholas Staring and Hendrick Heager, all of Burnetsfield, on the south side of the Mohawk River, known as Lot No. 30, as appears by a certain certificate dated March 28, 1723 which is two years before the date of the Burnetsfield Patent of April 30, 1725.

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