By: Lewis W. Paulse

Frank Spoon, the son of Mr. and Mrs. Titus Spoon, was born July 22, 1888 in Albert Lea, Minnesota. He originally homesteaded in the Garneill area on a place adjoining his father's. He sold that homestead, moved to Roy and bought the Devine place. He married Eva Mae Sullivan in 1915 in Roy.

Eva was born January 3, 1875 in Astabula, Ohio. She had been married before to Albert Sullivan in 1889, in South Dakota. They had 6 children; Mildred, Frank, John, Bert, Clarence and Howard. She had a homestead in the area. After the Spoons marriage the couple lived on the homestead which was south and east of Roy. While on the homestead the Spoon's home burnt down and they lost everything. Frank was quite badly burnt, especially his hands, trying to save some of their belongings. In the spring of 1923 they leased their place, sold their possessions and moved into Roy.

One time, while in Roy, Frank interceded when a man rudely shoved a young boy off of the side walk. He was attacked with a knife and severely wounded for his efforts. When he came to, he was in the hospital. Frank is remembered for being a trader, "a natural born trader!"

Eva passed away at her home in Roy on August 2, 1946. She had been in ill health for several years. She was survived by her husband, four of her children; Mildred (Woodruff), Frank, John and Bert, all of whom were living in Washington at that time; and several sisters, one of them was Mrs. Ed (Alice) Fegert of Roy. Eva was buried in Shelton, Washington.

Frank married Mable Anderson, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C.F. "Spokane" Anderson of Roy. Mable was a nurse. The ranch was sold to Frank's cousin, Harvey Fogle, when he returned to Roy after WWI and the Spoons left, moving to Oregon.

Mable passed away in Portland on December 5, 1949 at the age of 40. She was survived by Frank and two brothers, Con Anderson and Theodore Anderson and a sister, Julia Oquist. She was preceded in death by her first husband, Bill Anderson.

Frank worked for Coos Bay Lumber Company for many years and was retired when he passed away on February 11, 1964. Frank was buried in Lewistown. Listed among his survivors was a sister, Mrs. Avanelle Sullivan of Coos Bay, Oregon.

From: "Homestead Shacks Over Buffalo Tracks"