Other Spoon Photos

My grandfather, David Peter Spoon (1878 - 1952), was born in Albert Lea Minnesota. He was the son of Nathan H. Spoon (1829 - 1903), and Elizibeth (1835 - 1892), both born in NY. Nathan's father was Peter Spoon (1795 - 1884) of Amboy, Oswego, New York. Nathan's mother was Sally Hall (1802 - 1884) born in Connecticut. This page contains some old photos of Dave's brothers and sisters and their families. Click here to see photos of Dave and his family.

Here are the siblings. Photo taken about 1900.

Titus Henry Spoon visiting Dave's Winifred, Montana place, about 1920. Titus died in Shelton, Washington on 13 July 1927.

Titus married Phebea Ann Fogle in Albert Lea, Minnesota 16 May 1887. They had three children. Frank Rae (22 July 1888) and Glennie Emma (4 Dec 1890) were born in Albert Lea and Golda Avanelle was born in Straw Montana 11 Nov 1904.Here's the three kids with Glennie on the right.

On 29 June 1915 Frank married Eva May Flinn (sp?) in Roy Montana.

Frank eventually settled in Coos Bay, Oregon.

Avanelle married Howard Albert Sullivan on 15 Nov 1925 in Puyallup, Washington. They had one daughter, Golda Lucille, born 7 Feb 1929 in Tacoma, Washington.

Golda married Kenneth R. Jadin. Time and place are not known.

Ida Anne Spoon married William H.Jenkins and had one child, Donald. In this photo, Ida is seated in the car and Will is standing in front. The child in front may be Donald. Others in the photo are Tillie (front left), Lillie (standing next to Tillie), Edith (in back of Will's car), Elsie (in the driver's seat) and Dave (standing behind the car). Ida and Will apparently lived in the Lewistown area. Ida died in Lewistown 21 Apr 1945.