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Murder in the Adirondacks
Story of the famous Gillette murder case. Popularized by the 1925 book "An American Tragedy", and 1951 movie "A Place in the Sun" that won 6 Oscars staring Montgomery Clift, Elizabeth Taylor, and Shelley Winters. Judge Irving Devendorf presided at the trial. Mar 2008
Hon. Irving R. Devendorf (1856 - 1932)
Biography of the distinguished New York Supreme Court Judge from "History of the Mohawk Valley - Gateway to the West - 1614-1925" Mar 2008
David Peter Spoon
(1878 - 1952)

Oct 2007
Pension Application for George M. Lonis
George's son Peter married Nancy Lints, the daughter of Elizabetha Rima (born about 1776). George's daughter Anna married Nicholaus Spoon (born 20 Oct 1801).
Oct 2007
Jacob and William Diefendorf
Jacob Diefendorf and his son William were cousins to Elizabeth Diefendorf (born 1733) who married Nicholas Spoon. Jacob was captured by the indians, tomahawked, scalped, and left for dead. He recovered to lead a long and prosperous life. Feb 2007
Ulrich Simmendinger's Register
Simmendinger, who was one of the immigrants himself, returned to German in 1717 and there published this brief account of the emigration and the names of those Palatine families still living in New York. Regarded as an unofficial census of Palatines, did list Heinrich Spon (living in Hartsmandorf), but did not list Adam or Margaret (who married Johann Wolven). Nov 2006
John Jacob Diefendorf (1747 - 1839) Pension Application
John Jacob Diefendorf's 1832 Pension Application. John Jacob Diefendorf's sister, Elisabeth (born 1733), married Nicholas Spoon (born 1733). Oct 2006
John Diefendorf (1742 - 1834) Pension Application
John Diefendorf's 1832 Pension Application. John Diefendorf's sister, Elisabeth (born 1733), married Nicholas Spoon (born 1733). Oct 2006
Peter Woolever (1764 - 1843) Pension Application
Peter's 1833 Pension Application. Maria Catharina (Wohleben) Spoon's brother Nicholas drew Burnetsfield Patent lot #30, the present site of the Fort Herkimer Church (Henrich and Maria Catharina drew lot #32). This Peter Woolever is Nicholas' grandson. Oct 2006
Abraham Wolleber (1756 - 1819) Pension Application
1837 Pension Application by Abraham's widow, Dorothy (Bellinger) Wolleber and others. Dorothy's brother was the famous Col. Peter Bellinger, commander of the 4th Regiment, Tryon County Militia. Abraham was Maria Catharina (Wohleben) Spoon's nephew. Another sister of Dorothy and Col. Peter Bellinger, Anna Margaret, married Warner Spoon (~1735 - ~1795). Oct 2006
Spoon Hill video
Warning: this is a large file (3.2 megabytes). It is a video of the landscape around Spoon Hill on Spohn Road, Columbia township, Herkimer county, New York. It was taken in the summer of 2005. Sep 2006
Dievendorf House
The Dievendorf family story from “Forts and Firesides of the Mohawk Country New York”, published 1943. Johannes Diefendorf's daughter, Elizabeth, married Nicholas Spoon before 1758. Jul 2006
Wohleben Family
Maria Catharina Wohleben married Johann Henrich Spohn on 20 feb 1711. Wohleben history from "The Palatine Families of New York 1710" by Henry Jones. Mar 2006
Oldest Record of Fort Herkimer Church
Shows ' Hendrick Spoan' as trustee. Church built on land of Nicholas Wolever, Henrich Spoon's brother-in-law. Feb 2006
List of Revolutionary War Levies
Lists John Spoon. Levies were Militia soldiers who were called to full-time service. Feb 2006
Nicholas Spoon's benefit application.
Story of his participation during Revolution. Jan 2006
Spoon History
Spoon history from 1725 to 1825
May 2004
Spoon History
Letter from Cathleen Birmingham to Mary
May 2004
Spoon History
Memories of Joshua Spoon
May 2004
Peter Spoon's declaration for pension
Regarding his service in the War of 1812
May 2004
Spoon History
Written by Cathleen Birmingham , 1998
May 2004
1860 Census of Columbus PA
Shows Nathan, Simon and Joshua living in PA
May 2004
The Battle of Hartman Dorf
Henrick Spoon and family lived in the village
of Hartman Dorf, Schohaire valley, when this
incident occured (circia 1714)
May 2004
Anna Margaretha (Frolich) Spohn
Argues that she did not come to America with
the Spohn Children
Apr 2004
French attack on German Flatts - 1757
Story From Documentary History of the State of New York
Apr 2004
Fort Herkimer church
Story From Turnpike Book mentions "In 1723 a grist mill was built on adjacent Spoon creek..."
Apr 2004
Fort Herkimer and the old stone church
Story From Forts & Firesides of the Mohawk Country
Apr 2004
Kocherthal Records
Early 18th Century records of births and marriages
including some Spohn
Apr 2004
Tryon County Militia, 4th Regiment
Revolutionary War - lists Nichlas and Werner Spoon
Apr 2004
Pension claims for the War of 1812
Lists several Spoons (including Peter)
Apr 2004
Herkimer County's Participation in the War of 1812
Lists several Spoons
Apr 2004
Burnetsfield Patent Map
1725 Map of Patentees for Burnetsfield (German Flatts, NY)
Apr 2004
Montana land records of Spoon property
Records for David, Titus, Frank and Eva Spoon
Apr 2004
Destruction of German Flatts 1778
Col. Bellinger's report to Gov. Clinton
Apr 2004
Frank Spoon (1888 - 1964)
Apr 2004
1790 Census - Nicholas Spoon
Shows Nicholas, his wife and children,
probably living on Burnetsfield Lot 7 (Hendrick Jr's. Lot).
Apr 2004
1790 Census - Warner Spoon
Shows Warner, his wife and his step-children,
probably living on Burnetsfield Lot 32 (Hendrick Sr's. Lot).
Apr 2004
The Spoon Family of New York
Story of first Spoons in America
Apr 2004
Edith Alice (Spoon) Van Hee
Story - photos
Apr 2004
Peter Spoon of Amboy, NY  
Apr 2004
The Palatines of Herkimer County
Excerpts from "Herkimer County at 200"
Apr 2004
Nathan & Eliza Spoon's children
May 2003
Tillie Larson's family Photos
May 2003
Who were the Palatines? (1700)
May 2003
Burnetsfield Patient holders (1724)
May 2003

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